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Maleboho Science and Career Expo 2016

Kodumela continued to expand the science and career expo this year with an expo in Maleboho circuit. The expo saw over 900 learners from 12 schools in attendance. Exhibitors and sponsors at the expo include Shoprite, Erika Energy, Mining Qualification Authority, University of Limpopo, LIEDA (FET), Rosebank College, SAPS explosives, SAICA and an expert in social work. The event was a great success and Kodumela Bokamoso is look-ing forward to growing the event in the area. This will include bringing in more exhibitors to the event and ensure that learners are able to interact with people and companies that are in their area of interest.

Science and Career Expo 2017

This year, Kodumela continued to implement its various education intervention programmes. The Science and career exhibition has become one of the biggest programmes we roll out each year. It has directly impacted over 6000 learners and has some indirect impact on the communities it is hosted in through word of mouth. Learners comment that it is one of the best Career Guidance event that they have attended and they find it very informative. This year, like other years, we hosted the event at Bahananwa Circuit as well as Seotlong and Mphahele Circuit. These events have an average attendance of over a 1000 learners every year, and this year was no exception. Industry came to the party this year with De Beers providing a speaker for the Bahananwa Science Expo and Geological Society of South Africa, Lesego Platinum and Spar sponsoring the Seotlong and Mphahlele event. Corporates, government, as well as NGOs, came to show off the various careers that are available to the learners. This goes to show that there is a great need to have more of such events as the learners appreciated the exposure to information they did not have before. The event is also staffed by volunteers from the community in the form of former learners that have found value in having such an event. They have also found that participating in the organisation of such an event has raised their confidence, leadership and communication skills. Kodumela Bokamoso would like to thank all of the stakeholders involved in making this a success and look forward to expanding this service to other communities.

Summer School 2015

This year saw our volunteers do things differently by introducing the learner assistance programme early . A summer school for Nakedi and Thokampe Secondary Schools was launched as a way to assist learners with their grade 12 syllabus. This will also be incorporated in the Winter School Programme that will be held during the Winter Break. We are looking forward to seeing more people volunteer their time to assist the next generation of leaders as they prepare to take on their final exams. Kodomela would like to thank Coca – Cola for sponsoring drinks to the tutors through the duration of the Summer School. We hope to have more sponsors coming on board.

Science & Career Expo 2015

2015 has been an exciting year for Kodumela. This year saw us hosting the 5th Annaul Science and Career Expo in Bahananwa. This event, since its inception, has impacted over 5000 grade 11 and 12 learners. It has helped many to have an idea of the field they want to study. It has inspired others to forge a path in their careers with a clear direction. The event is not just about the learners, but the organsations that come to exhibit as well. Over the years, many organisations have come and enjoyed giving back to the community through their employees. These organisations have been the embodiment of the words “Education is the most powerful weapon with which we can change the world”. Apart from just information received in the classroom, learners also need to know the application of classroom knowledge in the real world, and the variety of exhibitors have assisted in this area.

This year saw over 900 learners interacting with 13 organisation attending the Bahananwa Circuit Science and Career Expo. This included DeBeers, Aurecon, MSA Group, Sandvik, MQA, Taungana, BOSTEC, LEDET, LEDA and ETP SETA. Senwabarwana Shoprite, Limpopo Food Technology Station, Lopec and Village Main Reef sponsored the logistics for the event. Seotlong and Mphahlele also had a Science and Career Expo, sponsored by Lesego Platinum, which saw over 1000 learners attend. Lesego Platinum, SRK Consulting, GSSA, LEDA, MQA, Youth Centre for Basic Information, Capricon District Municipality, Aurecon and VMR were among the exhibitors. SRK Consulting, Lopec Spares, Bopedi Spar, Lesego Platinum and RFM media sponsored various aspects of the logistics of the event. Universities of the Witwatersrand and Johannesburg provided prospectuses and application forms for the learners attending both Science and Career Exhibitions. This year Kodemela Bokamoso also hosted the first ever Science and Career Expo in Tshwane North Distric, sponsored by the MSA group. This saw over 1000 learners in attendance. Exhibitors included MSA Group, British Airways, Rosebank College, Royal Bafokeng Holdings, SAICA, Fiona Buchner Consulting, Harvey World Travel, Westech Systems, iCollege and Kanana Development Centre.

Kodumela would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to the organisation and people that have volunteered the time and resources to make these events and its success. We would like to continue to partner with you in making a difference in this nation as we continue to spread the Science and Career Exhibition across the country.


Educate4Depth 2014 Kicks Off

Kodumela Bokamoso Youth Development kicked off the second Educate4Depth annual winter school program at Nakedi Secondary School in Limpopo. The program was started by Kodumela in partnership with former learners of the school that wanted to give back to the school. This tied in very well with Kodumela’s vision of developing future leaders today.

The program brings 28 tutors from various institutions of higher learning such as University of Witwatersrand, University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria, Tshwane University of Technology, University Of Limpopo, University of Venda and Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

120 leaners, from Mathipa Makgato Secondary, Nakedi Secondary School and Thokampe Secondary School will benefit from the program. The program caters for various subjects included in the Grade 11 and 12 curriculums.

Science & Career Expo 2014

This year’s Science and Career Exhibition started off at Bahananwa Circuit in Limpopo. This event is meant to expose learners to a variety of careers based on the subjects that are studied in school. Corporates volunteer their staff and time to come and exhibit the work they do to the learners and give advice on how to grow into a career in the specific fields that the corporate is in. Over 700 learners attended the Bahananwa event with 9 exhibitors showing off some of the work that they do. They also gave advice to learners that are aspiring to follow various careers.

Organisations that participated in the event include Consmuch, Village Main Reef, Sunbird Energy, Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA), Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA), Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (LEDET), Bostec, Architektonia and Lephalale FET. Dr Setwaba joined the exhibitors and spoke to the learners about being a clinical psychologist. Barakabora, Architektonia, Village Main Reef, Sunbird Ener-gy, Rapid Blue and Lopec Auto Spares were the main sponsors of the event. Kerwin Rana, execu-tive chairman of Sunbird energy was the main speaker at the event. He encouraged the learners to work hard and dream big. He spoke to them about not being limited by their circumstances but to follow their passion.
The Mphahlele & Seotlong Science and Career Expo followed soon afterwards. This event attract-ed over 800 learners. Exhibitors at the event included Lesego Platinum, LEDA, KPMG, SRK Consulting, Geological Society of South Africa and MQA. Mr S. Maringere, from the University of Limpopo, spoke to the learners about a career in education. The main sponsors of the event include RFM Photography, Lesego Platinum and Lopec Auto Spares. Richard De Vil-liers, from Village Main Reef, was the main speaker at the event. He advised learners on making the right choices in life.
Overall, both events were successful. Kodumela Bokamoso extends its sincerest thanks to all the participants for assisting in making the event possible.