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Learner Enrichment Programmes 2017

Throughout the year, Kodumela has been running enrichment programmes in the form of Summer, Winter and Spring Educated4Depth events. The Summer event was kicked off with the aim of giving learners an early start in exam preparations. This gives a wake-up call to learners in allowing them to see gaps exam readiness early in the year. The Spring event is held close to exam time, giving learners time to touch up on critical things before they sit for the exams. Over 500 learners have benefited from these events through 2017. Kodumela ensures that experts in subjects such as Mathematics, Science, and Accounting come to assist the learners. We look forward to having more of these in 2018.

Career Assessment Launch

This year, Kodumela partnered with My CareerSolved to provide learners with a different perspective on careers. MyCareerSolved helped 60 learners from Grade 9 to 12 in understanding the career fit through psychometric assessments. This involved learners going through a computerised test. The test would then give a profile of the careers that the learner might be best suited for. Learners also had the opportunity to sit with a qualified counselor to get some guidance in the interpretation of the assessment results. As Kodumela, we are extremely proud of this initiative and believe it will go a long way into complementing some of the intervention initiatives that we are running. We look forward to expanding the programme to more learners and ensuring that learners are better informed as they choose their subjects or exit secondary schools.

Principal Training and Development 2016

A principal leadership development event was hosted in Makgabeng Lodge, Bochum during the early part of this year. The event was opened by the circuit manager, encouraging the principals to take advantage of the event so that they can go back and make a meaningful contribution in their respective schools. Different expectations of the event were expressed by the principals including learning how to influence others, dealing with divided staff etc. The workshop was essentially designed to address school leadership, instructional leadership was presented to empower the participants to contribute significantly in their respective
schools. Participants therefore highlighted their experiences and this was exciting because this was put into real context. Eventually, participants were guided on how to lead with integrity.

Tutor Training

Drawing on the lessons learned from the previous Educate4Depth Winter Pro-gramme experiences, Kodumela Bokamoso identified a good opportunity and decided to organize the first Tutor Leader-ship Development Programme for its team of volunteers at the Klien Bolayi Lodge. The aim of the workshop was to empower, train, equip, expose and transform its tutors so as lifting up and readying the volunteer’s spirits for the Educate4Depth Winter School Programme. This was Kodumela’s first winter school workshop in which the tutors were given strategic training to try to achieve more targeted leadership and educational results in the Educate4Depth Winter School Programme.

The interactive two days’ workshop was primarily focused on improving and sharpening the tutors’ tutoring and leadership skills. Various activities were arranged for the tutors in order to develop these skills. Speakers were also invited from the various industries to facilitate and motivate the tutors on various topics related to leadership, tutoring, presentation skills, life skills, and code of conduct. Recreational activities were arranged including the “Mapungubwe Game Drive” as well as a visit to the museum nearby.

The programme was highly appreciated by the volunteers with some giving comments such as “Wow”, “I have never done training like this before”. This kind of responses reinforced that exposure is indeed a great need, as all of the tutors are from rural villages and had never had such.

Educate4Depth Winter School 2016

Kodumela Bokamoso Youth Development had another successful Educate4Depth Winter school program at Bahananwa and Maleboho. Kodumela Bokamoso has continued to enhance the Winter School program in order to fulfill its vision of “Developing future leaders today”.

6 schools participated in Bahananwa and 2 in Maleboho. An average of 155 learners at-tended the Bahananwa Circuit Winter School Program, while Maleboho Central Circuit had an average of 100 in one school and 200 in another. Lessons were offered to the learners of Grades 10 to 12.

Kodumela Bokamoso also brought in experienced subject matter experts to give valuable input and clear understanding of the critical areas/topics of focus in 2 subjects. Both experts presented and taught the subjects in the exciting and interactive methods, with the focus on the topics that learners assumed difficult and challenging. The learners appreciated their time, efforts and presenting style and had requested the subject experts to visit the schools during the next school break to help with the examination preparations.

Changes in this year’s winter school program were made possible by some sponsors coming on board, who on seeing the value of the programme, provided financial resources. This was to ensure that the programme had better resources and continues to deliver value to the communities that it serves. Kodumela Bokamoso would like to extend its sincerest gratitude for all the support in helping us to achieve the vision of developing the youth in the rural areas.
Kodumela Bokamoso would also like to thank the leadership and managers of the Department of Basic Education in the Bahananwa and Maleboho Central Circuits for believing in our vision and allowing us to impart knowledge and skills to their learners. We thank the school principals, management and the volunteered teachers of the following schools for participating and supporting the Educate4Depth Winter Programme 2016.

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