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Tutor Training

Drawing on the lessons learned from the previous Educate4Depth Winter Pro-gramme experiences, Kodumela Bokamoso identified a good opportunity and decided to organize the first Tutor Leader-ship Development Programme for its team of volunteers at the Klien Bolayi Lodge. The aim of the workshop was to empower, train, equip, expose and transform its tutors so as lifting up and readying the volunteer’s spirits for the Educate4Depth Winter School Programme. This was Kodumela’s first winter school workshop in which the tutors were given strategic training to try to achieve more targeted leadership and educational results in the Educate4Depth Winter School Programme.

The interactive two days’ workshop was primarily focused on improving and sharpening the tutors’ tutoring and leadership skills. Various activities were arranged for the tutors in order to develop these skills. Speakers were also invited from the various industries to facilitate and motivate the tutors on various topics related to leadership, tutoring, presentation skills, life skills, and code of conduct. Recreational activities were arranged including the “Mapungubwe Game Drive” as well as a visit to the museum nearby.

The programme was highly appreciated by the volunteers with some giving comments such as “Wow”, “I have never done training like this before”. This kind of responses reinforced that exposure is indeed a great need, as all of the tutors are from rural villages and had never had such.

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