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Educate4Depth Winter School 2016

Kodumela Bokamoso Youth Development had another successful Educate4Depth Winter school program at Bahananwa and Maleboho. Kodumela Bokamoso has continued to enhance the Winter School program in order to fulfill its vision of “Developing future leaders today”.

6 schools participated in Bahananwa and 2 in Maleboho. An average of 155 learners at-tended the Bahananwa Circuit Winter School Program, while Maleboho Central Circuit had an average of 100 in one school and 200 in another. Lessons were offered to the learners of Grades 10 to 12.

Kodumela Bokamoso also brought in experienced subject matter experts to give valuable input and clear understanding of the critical areas/topics of focus in 2 subjects. Both experts presented and taught the subjects in the exciting and interactive methods, with the focus on the topics that learners assumed difficult and challenging. The learners appreciated their time, efforts and presenting style and had requested the subject experts to visit the schools during the next school break to help with the examination preparations.

Changes in this year’s winter school program were made possible by some sponsors coming on board, who on seeing the value of the programme, provided financial resources. This was to ensure that the programme had better resources and continues to deliver value to the communities that it serves. Kodumela Bokamoso would like to extend its sincerest gratitude for all the support in helping us to achieve the vision of developing the youth in the rural areas.
Kodumela Bokamoso would also like to thank the leadership and managers of the Department of Basic Education in the Bahananwa and Maleboho Central Circuits for believing in our vision and allowing us to impart knowledge and skills to their learners. We thank the school principals, management and the volunteered teachers of the following schools for participating and supporting the Educate4Depth Winter Programme 2016.

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